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Thanks, Google: Long-Lost Radio Transcript (Israel Radio)


In 2008, I attended the First International Jewish Bloggers Convention in Israel, sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organizations that assists people who are making aliyah (moving to Israel). I was interviewed several times on the radio and in print, and one of those radio transcripts is available online. It’s kind of interesting to read it more than a year later (although the transcript is missing a few words – maybe I have to enunciate more next time, so Israeli transcriptions can be more accurate).

Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel) interview, August 23, 2008

My Past at PresenTense: The Articles


I recently left my position as senior editor at PresenTense to concentrate on other projects. But in the first moments of the new year, I thought it might be interesting to see where I’ve been article-wise during my tenure:

Two Jews, Three Blogs: Inside Jokes, Inner Dissent and Inner Life from Bloggers of the Tribe (PDF, page 13)
Zionism and Me: Wrestling With Israel
The Hebrew Slanguage: Unpacking the Junk from Israel’s Trunk (with Jacob Shwirtz)
Man With a Plan: Avi Liberman (profile)
Jews’ Line Is It Anyway? Why the Chosen People Choose Improv

Every article I wrote there was about something important to me, and it was a real treat to be able to explore those issues in print, for an audience of my peers. Interested in reprints? Contact me and we’ll talk about the possibilities…

In Jerusalem Again and in the Press…


Since Tuesday I’ve been here in Jerusalem, thanks to the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight which imported me in order to introduce me to their work in bringing Jews to Israel for aliyah, and on occasion of the first international Jewish blogger convention. Coverage of that has been all over the web, including at MyUrbanKvetch and Jewlicious, and in several print publications as well, including Ynet (in which I’m quoted) and Haaretz (in which I’m not quoted, but CK from Jewlicious and Friend of Esther Benji Lovitt–of–are).

I also did three radio interviews, for Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) and Reshet Bet (Channel 2) in Hebrew and for IsraelRadio in English. (Links to come when I have them.) The Hebrew interviews were difficult, but hopefully I didn’t sound too insane. You’ll be the judge of that when the links go up, I’m sure…

Here are some links to press coverage which contain quotes from me:
Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)
Ynet (Hebrew)
Ynet (English)

Shabbat shalom from Jerusalem.

The Israel Posts: Newly Updated For Your Entertainment


New posts added all the time! Keep this page bookmarked or RSSed to make sure you’re up-to-date!!

I’m in Israel for the summer, meeting different people (and eating new things apparently) and doing business in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. While it’s a surreal life, it’s an exciting one. Follow my experiences at, or see below, where I’ll list the posts as they go up.

What I Learned at Google
Geek Tiyul (PICZ Goes North)

Shout: The Pride Parade and the Quest for Identity

Scoop’d: How to Eat Hummus Like an Israeli

TV Show Nails Religious Singles Scene in Jerusalem

ROI Summit Concludes, Esther Crashes

Holy Hip-Hop! Pre-Sabbath Breakdancing in the Holy Land
Old and New in the Israeli Hip-Hop Scene
Tagged in Tel Aviv
In Honor of the Sex and the City Movie: Who’s Your Favorite Man?

Eurovision 2008, Liveblogged from Jerusalem

Football Jewligans in Gan Sacher

Tel Aviv Intermezzo

“You’ve Got a Friend”: Modern Dance Invades President’s Conference
President’s Conference Day 2 (cont’d): Future of Jewish Leadership

Adventures in Israeli Cuisine, or “What’s That On My Plate?”

President’s Conference Day 2: Opening Plenary

President’s Conference Day 2: Writers Facing Tomorrow

President’s Conference Day 1: In Brief

President’s Conference Day 1: Pre-Conference Contemplation

May in Jerusalem

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