Here’s what people have said about Esther (and you can read more on LinkedIn):

“Knowing my way around these worlds a little better has opened me up to whole new ways of thinking and learning. education. It is not new but it is the present and for certain, just the beginning of the future. If you want to be more effective with social media, contact Esther K who is the expert!. She has it all – fair prices, tremendous experience and the ability to teach those who are new to social media (me!) with patience. She leaves you with new skills that are immediately useable.” – Founding director, Jewish leadership network (Los Angeles)

“She has demonstrated a keen sense of how individuals and groups work, creatively working to bring the most out of them in real time – both face to face and through social media. Her skills as a writer allow this work to find context and reach. Esther is a top notch contextualizer, one who can align the seemingly incongruous into an ordered, self-reflective and useful product. Her keen sense of humor adds a lot to the mix as well.” – Managing Director, Leadership Development & Consulting Firm (Vancouver & Israel)

“Esther is a wonderful person to have on the team; beyond being an excellent writer with one of the best eyes for grammar and typos I’ve experienced, Esther is a constant contributor of new ideas, insights and an enabler of team vision.”  – CEO, Mobile Medical Startup (Israel)

“Esther understands how to write from the customer/reader’s point of view and knows how to ask the tough questions up-front to find the core nugget that will capture the essence of what is being said. She is diligent and creative and hard working. She also has a keen understanding of the new world of communication and community – blogs, video, media of all kinds – a must have in today’s market.” – VP, Global Strategic Programs & Internet Industry Veteran, Software Development company (San Francisco, CA)

“Esther is a wordsmith. She is the go to person in our department for social media, writing, editing, consulting on any type of creative ways of sharing our organizations story. I feel so lucky to have worked with her now for the last 2.5 years. Not only do I respect her and her work very much, but she is hilarious and so authentic.” – Assistant Director, Young Adult Programs, Jewish nonprofit (Los Angeles, CA)

“Esther’s profound insights, honesty, and humor helped put people at ease while also conveying a deeper understanding of and new perspective on the subject matter.  Her willingness to share these experiences resulted in an event that people found very meaningful.” – Synagogue Programming Committee Member (Los Angeles, CA)