The Books of Esther

Esther D. Kustanowitz is currently writing Nothing Helps (But This Might Help): A Guide to Loss and What Comes After, a book that is part spiritual memoir and part guide for new mourners as well as for the people who surround them, trying to help.

She previously contributed to Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Sex and Intimacy (Jewish Publication Society, 2010).

Esther is also the author of The Hidden Children of the Holocaust (Rosen Publishing, 1999), a book for teenagers about children who survived the Holocaust in literal hiding or by hiding their identities. The Hidden Children is part of Teen Witnesses to the Holocaust, a series about teenage experiences during World War Two; the series’ academic advisor was noted author Yaffa Eliach.

Esther has contributed to and edited other books, including:
* The Hadassah Jewish Family Book of Health and Wellness — Jossey-Bass, 2006 (contributor)
* Al Qaeda’s Armies – Specialist Press International/Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2004 (editor)
* It Takes a Dream: The Story of Hadassah (second edition) — Gefen, 2002 (editor)
* The Messy Gourmet Cookbook — Writers Club Press, 2001 (proofreader)
* Training Wheels: Wheeling On — adult education curriculum, 1997 (contributor)

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