I just now returned from the TribeFest conference, a gathering of youngish Jews in Vegas. There are lots of ideas running round the old noggin, but while they race, I wanted to share this article in the NY Jewish Week’s Jewish Techs blog, which focuses on my social media updates as a method in staying updated on conferences, even if you can’t be there yourself in person.

Truly, it was an honor to be the center of this piece, and to have my efforts to share with people outside the room acknowledged – and to be among those amazing people in entertainment whose names are simply a single name. Basically, this is something that some of ¬†us are achieving by sticking to a brand on Twitter, and becoming known by a handle, which is often just a first name. In my case, it’s EstherK. But I guess in the Jewish world, most people know me as Esther.

The hashtag from this conference, which earned me this apparent Twitter equivalent to being named prom queen, is #tribefest. Check out the tweets from the past few days there and via the @tribefest account, handled by JFNA (@jfederations).